Aesthetic medicine is the perfect intersection between artsy, science, and service. I m a nerdy, creative with a desire to connect and serve others. My clientele ranges from 20-60+ and those who care about their skin health and wellness and who are interested in combating the aging process gracefully.
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About Lauren

I am a Board Certified Physician Assistant licensed in Colorado, California, New York, and Connecticut. My specialty is Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, and I have worked alongside globally-known and prestigious plastic surgeons and dermatologists in San Francisco and New York City, including world experts Arthur Swift, MD (Canada), Julie Horne, RN (Norway), and Consultant Clinic (London). I travel locally to train under national experts and leaders, including Susan Weinkle, MD, Sachin M. Shridharani, MD, Jason Bloom, MD, Jason Emer, MD, Erika Barry, NP, Scott Callahan, PA-C, and many more.

I attended the University of Alabama – Birmingham Surgical Physician Assistant Program and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014.  This program had a strong focus on surgical anatomy and techniques. Currently, I am working on my Doctoral Degree from A.T. Still University. I will finish my degree in 2023 with a heavy clinical research focus. I completed the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants’ Dermatology Diplomate Fellowship in 2019, and I am also a fellow of AAPA, CAPA (California), CAPA (Colorado), SDPA, SFBAPA, and NYSSPA.

Having been trained in New York City and San Francisco, I bring a unique “aesthetic look” to Colorado.  I mix the west-coast look, and the northeast looks when it comes to style.  NYC and S.F. are a few steps in front of the aesthetics trends, and I hope to be at the forefront of the future of aesthetics in C.O.

I believe the down-to-earth, educated, social-friendly injector doesn’t exist yet in Colorado.  I’m going to be that girl. I connect with my clients very well, and I’m looking forward to building that trusting relationship. My clients learn my heart and generally fall in love with me and my skills and never leave. I just have to rebuild that trust here in Colorado.

My Core Philosophies:

A great injector is made of three key components, and you need to have all three to be great.

Education, Experience, and Safety.

An injector is only as good as his or her training and experience.  Aesthetics is not a risk-free industry, and patients must be cautious in choosing qualified providers amidst a growing number of salons and spas offering aesthetic medical services. When it comes to safety, experience, and an understanding of anatomy is important.  Many injectors just took a weekend class and never studied anatomy. Their lack of knowledge causes safety issues.

Artistry and Stellar Results

Artistry is really what makes injectors different/better. Artistry is what sets us apart. Think about a plastic surgeon who does a great facelift and a surgeon who does a too tight facelift (you know what I mean). They are likely equally trained and charge similar fees, and they do the same procedure, but the artistry (results) make the difference. Finding someone who emulates your style or the look you (as the client) is going for is the key. We like to call it an ``aesthetic eye.`` I've worked hard for years to develop and expand my skills and continue to do so every day. Artistry is a skill and a necessary quality when choosing.

Patient Experience & Relationship Building.

The millennial and younger patient care about the experience: the convenience, the ease, the process, the communication, matter to the millennial patient. I'm going to change the industry in Denver because I'm good, and I care. My patients will have access to me whenever they need me, and we will plan a regimen together.
My goal is to demystify this aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology space. To cut out the bogus marketing gimmicks and keep it down-to-earth. ``To take the filter off,`` if you will. Every single woman on the planet wants to be able to wear no makeup and feel confident in her skin…. It's that simple. Bare, natural, and healthy – while secretly battling the aging process with elegance and grace. Beautifying is not one treatment; we've done that kind of thing... this is a journey, and I want to be the one on the boat with the patient.

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