Medical Chemical Peels

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Medical-grade peels are stronger than at-home, spa, or aesthetician chemical peels.  As medical professionals, we use stronger active ingredients and the peels are performed in our office only.  There are many different chemical peels, some pre-blended and other custom-formulated.  We can target skin texture, congested pores, acne, pigmentation irregularities, melasma, sun damage, pre-cancerous lesions, brown spots, fine lines, and more!  The specific ingredients we choose are determined by your goals and skin type.  Chemical peels stimulate a process called chemoexfoliation or shedding of the outer layers of skin.  The specific ingredients we choose to allow for predictable, uniform, rapid exfoliation to the desired depth.  Some of the common active ingredients used include mandelic acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, retinol, and phenol.

During the treatment, we clean the skin and all oils are removed.  The peel solution is applied to the treatment areas in layers.  We wait between each layer for the solution to dry.  With each layer, we observe the response of the skin.  We are looking for redness, swelling, development of frosting or dryness, tingling, and burning.  These symptoms help us to determine the number of layers necessary to achieve our desired outcome.  When we reach the desired outcome, some peels require neutralization.  Neutralizing a peel means stopping the active ingredient from continuing to interact with the skin.  In some cases, there is a special solution required for neutralization, in other cases, we gently wash the solution off.

Detailed instructions will be provided for aftercare.  Many peels require the solution to be left on the skin for up to 12 hours after application.  We will discuss the necessary steps during the appointment and provide any necessary aftercare products for you to take home.  That’s when the magic happens.  You will notice your skin feels dry and tight for several days before peeling begins.  The peeling often begins in most mobile areas like the mouth, chin, and around the nose.  It will progress outward and finish with the hairline and jawline.  The length of this process depends on the solution we choose.  In some cases, the peeling is very mild and acts more like dryness or flaking.  In other cases, the peel can be very thick and sheet-like.

Tip:  These are best done in fall and winter when you will be out of the sun!


The results develop after the peeling is complete and the skin is healed.  In some cases, this only takes a few days, but often takes 1 to 2 weeks.  With each peel, a new layer of skin develops beneath with improved pigmentation, texture, and tone.  The new skin is fresh, bright, and glowing. The “post-peel glow” is a fan favorite. A series of peels are often recommended for optimal results, but visible improvement occurs after each peel!

Side Effects & Recovery

The expected side effects of a chemical peel are peeling and itching.  The quality of this peeling depends on the ingredients used.  Some peels are thick and sheet-like, while others are thin and flakey.  It is important to allow the skin to peel naturally.  Avoid picking or pulling at the flakes.  Prematurely removing the skin will cause inflammation and redness that may take another week to heal!  Avoid scrubs and harsh skincare products for 1 week after treatment.  Be sure to protect the skin with hats and SPF for at least 2 weeks!

Jesner peels

Jesner peels are considered medium peels that remove skin cells from the top layer of your skin (epidermis) and the upper portion of the middle layer of skin (dermis).

Skin Medica

Skin Medica addresses the visible skin imperfections that result from sun exposure, aging, or even pigmentary changes. SkinMedical has a range of different strength chemical peels that are used by licensed medical professionals.


Cosmelan is a two-step therapy, and the peel is applied to the skin by your aesthetician at the clinic and then washed off at home after you have worn the mask for several hours. Once the mask is removed, a secondary cream is applied to protect new skin growth.

TAC peels

Tac peels are used to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell growth. TCA peels use trichloroacetic acid to help your skin’s appearance.


Obagiskin peels restore more beautiful and healthier skin. Obagi uses a slow-acting TCA (trichloroacetic acid) applied to your skin to remove dead skin cells. Obagi products also stimulate the production of new skin cells.

Vi or Vitality Institute

Vi peels are powerful medical-grade chemical peels. Vi peels treat acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles, age and sun spots, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, melasma, enlarged pores, and enhance overall skin health.


Zo products have a 3-step peel that is excellent for treating skin aging, melasma, fine lines, large pores, sun damage, acne, and uneven texture. ZO peels provide long-lasting benefits that improve the quality of your skin.


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