``Bare-faced and Confident``

You can find me at the intersection of healthy skin and natural beauty.  My passion for teaching my clients to properly care for their skin, paired with my education and experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology, comes to life in my clinic each day.  I want to highlight the beautiful, timeless creation that you are!  Every single one of my clients should wake up in the morning, knowing they can head out into the world in sunscreen alone, bare-faced and confident.

Lauren Voss Mitschrich PA-C

About Lauren

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say I am a creative intellectual with a desire to connect and serve.  Aesthetic medicine is the beautiful confluence of exactly that – art, science, and a servant’s heart.  I am a Board-Certified Physician Assistant specializing in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.  This business is my chef-d’ œuvre.  Having built my career in San Francisco and New York City, our country’s aesthetic epicenters, I bring a differentiated “aesthetic look” to Colorado, incorporating unique stylistic elements from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.  I delicately deliver natural, undetected, timeless, and fresh results.

Education is paramount and separates the industry leaders from the rest of the injector community.  I attended the University of Alabama – Birmingham Surgical Physician Assistant Program and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014.  I chose this program because of its profound focus on surgical techniques and anatomic principles.  I believe a thorough understanding of human anatomy is the key to safe and natural results!  Additionally, I have spent years expanding my perspective, knowledge, and skills alongside globally recognized and prestigious plastic surgeons and dermatologists while practicing in San Francisco, New York City, and now Denver.  I have poured hundreds of hours into training internationally with world experts, including Arthur Swift, MD (Canada), Julie Horne, RN (Norway), and Consultant Clinic (London). I sought out U.S. experts to learn from including Susan Weinkle, MD; Sachin M. Shridharani, MD; Jason Bloom, MD; Chris Surek, MD; Jason Emer, MD; Erika Barry, NP; Scott Callahan, PA-C; and many more.  Currently, I am working on my doctoral degree from A.T. Still University, focusing on clinical research in dermatology & aesthetic medicine.

Outside of my passion for this practice, I am a self-proclaimed chef, nature photographer, fitness class junkie, and outdoor enthusiast.  My husband of three years and I feel so fortunate to live in such a great city like Denver.  We love to get out and explore all that this world has to offer.

My Core Philosophies

I believe an injector is comprised of three key dimensions – and needs to excel at all three to truly be great in this field – education, artistry, and connection.

Education & Experience

Anesthetics provider’s success is built upon extraordinary training and experience. My background has given me a comprehensive understanding and respect for human anatomy and physiology, a keen eye for light and shadows, and a mastery of injection techniques and safety. These attributes are essential for success.

Artistry & Stellar Results

Artistry is what truly sets a great injector apart from all others, and it is where clients get their money’s worth.  Practitioners may carry the same title or credentials and charge similar fees, but the results differ wildly.  It is important to take the time to find someone who emulates your style or the look you are seeking.  With an “aesthetic eye” for details, I can deliver the natural look and elegant style you are seeking.


Clients value an authentic, honest relationship with their chosen provider; the experience is as important as the results.  The journey we take together is an exceptional one that requires getting to know each other, building trust, and feeling safe.  This is core to what I look to offer the Colorado market – in addition to elegant results, I obsess about your experience, end-to-end, and after that.

Every single woman and man on the planet wants to be confident in their skin.  It is that simple, truly.  Bare, natural, and healthy – while secretly battling the aging process gracefully.  There is no one-and-done treatment, secret sauce, or a magic wand.  It is a journey, and I want to be the one in the boat with you, navigating the waters ahead.