K Garrison

Lauren is amazing!! I was looking for natural enhancements and she gave me exactly what I was wanting. I highly recommend her for a younger fresher look!! I will be back no doubt about it!!

Kate Palmer

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lauren. Her professionalism and knowledge are present from the first meeting to the follow up. She is passionate about her job and educated in her practice. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and walk away happy with yourself and the experience. I feel lucky that…

Carly Welker

I went to Lauren for facial threading. I instantly felt comfortable and welcomed. She fully explained to me what we were going to do and kept me informed during the process. I’m so excited that she gets to bring facial threading to Denver! It’s painless. In my opinion, a chemical peel and lasering was 10x…

Katie Barends

Lauren is truly fantastic! I’ve always been a bit apprehensive to see a dermatologist to have anything done, but I’m completely at ease with Lauren. First, she takes the time to explain everything, and let me tell you she knows her stuff! Then, she makes recommendations that are right for me. She never pressures me…

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