Thank you GOD for bringing Lauren to Denver! Her knowledge of human/facial anatomy is incredible. To say Lauren is professional, and generous with her time toward each individual and their wants is an understatement. Her treatments maintain the appearance, integrity, and health of your face/skin. Lauren is the BEST! She is the master in medical facial aesthetics simply and truly. If you want the “best of the best” for your face, give your self the gift of beauty and go to Lauren. “The skin scholar” that she definitely is! Thank you Lauren!
Brooke Wish
Stop scrolling and book with Lauren. She is a premier injector who is worth every penny. I have had the privilege of interning with Beauty by Buford and seen Lauren in action with countless clients. She is comprehensive, insightful, uplifting, and talented. Let’s face it…coming to an aesthetics office for the first time is tough. It’s vulnerable to sit in that chair and exhale our imperfections and listen as a professional points out areas of improvement. Despite this difficulty, the experience is consistently uplifting for those in Lauren’s chair. She is not here to over sell you. In fact, most of her clients walk away with less product than they first envisioned. She is committed to the PA-client relationship, the slow and steady aesthetic process, and above all, safety. She is an incredible trainer, knows her anatomy backward and forward, and is generous with sharing her knowledge. Denver–we are so lucky to have Lauren.
Laura H.

Moved here from southern California and have seen my fair share of injectors. I have never come across a Lauren. She patient and precise. Meticulous and thorough.  She listens and gives her honest yet minimalistic advice.  Don’t go to her if you want to look like a celebrity, go to her because you want to look like the best version of yourself.

Payson B.

When Lauren relocated her business to Denver, NYC lost a true talent — I will miss her very much! For those of you in Denver, you now have access to a very skilled practitioner with the rare juxtaposition of medical training for precision, combined with the artful eye for the best aesthetic results. Lauren helped me shave years off my appearance with Botox and fillers, and, since she’s a PA, she stepped in to assist with rosacea treatment by helping me keep my facial medicines up to date. NYC lost a gem, and Denver gained a true talent with an unprecedented passion for keeping up with the latest and greatest

KiKi Kimbro

All I can say is that we are beyond fortunate to have Lauren in Denver. Her ability is pure artistry combined with advanced skill. She takes her time consulting a plan of action in advance and is then meticulous in her professional execution of aesthetic improvements, no matter how minimal the procedure. I love her natural, graceful approach to the preservation of beauty as well. A total perfectionist, but I would want nothing less when it comes to my face and lips.

Natalie Halt

Lauren is truly an artist and takes so much pride in her work. She is honest and will tell you exactly what she thinks in regards to your problem areas while keeping things very natural and subtle. She is a genius and explained everything very thoroughly… She stayed late to see a friend and I together and it felt like we had known Lauren for years!! All in all, Lauren is a BOSS BABE and you’re making a mistake going anywhere else!!!!!

Rachel Frymie

Lauren is amazing!! I was looking for natural enhancements and she gave me exactly what I was wanting. I highly recommend her for a younger fresher look!! I will be back no doubt about it!!

Kristen Garrison

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lauren. Her professionalism and knowledge are present from the first meeting to the follow up. She is passionate about her job and educated in her practice. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and walk away happy with yourself and the experience. I feel lucky that I connected with her and look forward to working with her for years to come!

Kate Palmer

I went to Lauren for facial threading. I instantly felt comfortable and welcomed. She fully explained to me what we were going to do and kept me informed during the process. I’m so excited that she gets to bring facial threading to Denver! It’s painless. In my opinion, a chemical peel and lasering was 10x more painful. I love my results and I will definitely go back to her.

Carly Welker

Lauren is truly fantastic! I’ve always been a bit apprehensive to see a dermatologist to have anything done, but I’m completely at ease with Lauren. First, she takes the time to explain everything, and let me tell you she knows her stuff! Then, she makes recommendations that are right for me. She never pressures me to do more than I’m comfortable with and I have never been disappointed with my results. Lauren is the only dermatologist I’d ever let touch my face – and I’ve seen her in two cities now (so so thankful she’s in Denver!!)

Katie Barends